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January 23, 2013

A Call for Transportation Justice Now!

A 2010 poll from Transportation for America found 82 percent of American voters say that “the United States would benefit from an expanded and improved transportation system,” including rail and buses. A 2012 Natural Resources Defense Council poll found 66 percent of Americans want more funds allocated to public transportation. The survey also found 59

December 13, 2011

Climate Justice Benefits of Dismantling Energy and Transportation Apartheid

Climate change is a major global environmental justice issue of our times. Electric power generations and transportation account for nearly three-fourths (73.8 percent) of the CO2 emissions in the United States annually. Getting these two major greenhouse gas sources under control would go a long way in the fight against climate change and move us

May 07, 2011

Connecting the Dots Between Transportation and Public Health

The U.S. has over 136 million cars, 110 million trucks, and about 1 million buses for a total of 247 million registered vehicles accounting for nearly 70 percent of our oil use and more than 65 percent of that amount is for personal vehicles. This accounts for almost one-third of the world’s vehicles. Car ownership